HeliDox (CRKBD) Full Kit

HeliDox (CRKBD) Full Kit

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This kit includes everything you need to build a HeliDox minus switches and caps. LEDs and OLED screens are optional but are super awesome!


  • PCB (White or Black)

  • Acrylic Plates (just top and bottom, if you want a full case the select this option -> https://keyhive.xyz/shop/helidox-full-acrylic-case)

  • 2 Pro Micros

  • 2 TRRS Jacks

  • 50 Diodes

  • Standoffs

  • Screws


  • RGB LEDs

  • OLED Screens

The HeliDox (CRKBD) is a keyboard designed by foostan in Japan. https://github.com/foostan/crkbd

He designed this with the Minidox in mind. It is slightly bigger than the minidox with one extra column that can be broken off.

If you want a black PCB, add this to your cart - https://keyhive.xyz/shop/black-helidox-pcb

You can also request switches here: https://keyhive.xyz/shop/switches-bbh7l

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