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EXTRAS ARE UP! I will be offering a PCB only version soon but for now it comes with everything :)

This a new and improved version of the UT47, one of the best 40% layouts out there.

This comes with:

  • Pre-soldered PCB

  • Top and bottom plates

  • Screws and standoffs

All you’ll need is switches, caps, a USB C cable, and a 2u stabilizer (found here)!

Comes in two colors options: Purple or Matte Black.

You can also buy a 3D printed case here: https://keyhive.xyz/shop/ut472-3d-printed-case. I currently only have one version but I will have others.

Here are some of its awesome features:

  • Pre-soldered: Everything will be pre-soldered! No soldering required!

  • On board MCU: this makes it way more low profile as well as less likely to run into problems

  • Kailh hotswap - change out switches as you like

  • USB C - a more reliable usb port

  • RGB Underglow - add some awesome animations and color to your keyboard

EU: https://groupbuys.mechboards.co.uk/shop/ut47-2-group-buy/
JP: https://yushakobo.jp/?p=5418&post_type=product&preview=1&_ppp=0b6bd10e45
AU: https://dailyclack.com/products/ut47-2-hotswap-keyboard-kit

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