Project Updates

This page is to check up on what’s going on with projects.

I promise to update this page at least once a week. This you can know what is going on with any group buys that you have joined.


Honeycomb Macropad

Everything is here!!! You should be getting a shipping notification today and I’ll be dropping them all off tomorrow at the post office.

I’ll have a build guide up before shipping.

Cases are all done. You can see pics of them on the samples page

If you missed this group buy, I will have extras up this week.

(last updated 2019-1-22)


Corne (Helidox / CRKBD)

Everything will be in stock today at noon (MST).

I’ll have the new choc hotswap pcbs in stock when the pcbs come.

All group buy orders have been sent.

(last updated 2019-1-22)



Waiting on pricing from the factory.

Prototype is finished a looking great!

Here’s a little sneak peek!

Some features include:

  • USB-C

  • Hotswap

  • RGB Underglow

  • On board controller

I’ll have 3d printed cases up for sale as soon as I can fix my 2nd printer.
(last updated 2019-1-13)



GB is over, I will post another update when something changes.

I just found out that this will work for the full sized wasd v2 boards aswell!

Check it out here:

(last updated 2019-1-13)