Project Updates

This page is to check up on what’s going on with projects.

I promise to update this page at least once a week. This you can know what is going on with any group buys that you have joined.


Honeycomb Macropad

Build guide here:

If you didn’t receive an order please message me.

Turns out, I made a mistake. I forgot to include 3 resistors in the majority of orders. If you think you received all the parts, ignore this email!
I truly am sorry and I would like to make things right! Here are your options:

1. I send you the resistors via USPS in an envelope without tracking.

2. I send you $3 via paypal so that you can buy the resistors yourself. I'll post a link to the needed parts at the end of this email.

3. Suggest something else? I'm open to fair minded suggestions. 

I'm not a big company and the monetary value of the resistors is <$0.50 but I feel that it would be disingenuous to leave you without the necessary parts to have a finished product. To receive compensation, all you have to do is fill out this form:

I will go through it every night for the next 2 weeks. If you fill it out after Feb 22nd, you'll have to send me an email letting me know.
Here is the repo to get everything you could need:

The parts you are missing are:

- 2x 1M ohm resistors for the keyboard -

- 1x 10k ohm resistor for the receiver (goes next to the capacitors) -

(last updated 2019-02-12)


Corne (Helidox / CRKBD)

Running another GB on the 18th. Will have purple option as well as acrylic cases.

All group buy orders have been sent.

(last updated 2019-02-12)



Group buy is live! - check it out here:

Prototype is finished a looking great!

Here’s a little sneak peek!

Some features include:

  • USB-C

  • Hotswap

  • RGB Underglow

  • On board controller

You can buy 3d printed cases here:
(last updated 2019-02-13)



GB is over, I will post another update when something changes.

I just found out that this will work for the full sized wasd v2 boards aswell!

Check it out here:

(last updated 2019-1-13)