IMK Corne Case

IMK Corne Case

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A milled aluminum or PC case for one of the most beloved hobbyist keyboards designed in collaboration between Keyhive (with /u/velvetjaguar) and IMK ( )

There are currently 3 different colors based on survey responses, but we also are offering any custom color of your choice at an increased price!

Each case will come with:

  • Acrylic covers

  • Tenting screws (where needed)

  • Acrylic bottoms

  • Screws and standoffs

The PCBs and their accessories are also available to be purchase with this group buy at a discounted rate.


MOQ is 50 of each type:

  1. Aluminum with tenting (Standard Color) - $175!! MOQ 100 hit!

  2. CNC Polycarbonate with tenting - $200

  3. Aluminum without tenting (Standard Color) - $175!! MOQ 100 hit!

  4. CNC Polycarbonate without tenting - $200

  5. Custom - Aluminum with custom color (tenting or without tenting) - $320

If MOQ is not met for the design that you want, we will notify you and allow you to cancel or change your order.

The group buy will run for about a month and end June 24th, 2019.

Production will take about 2-3 months in order to make sure that the quality is good.

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JP -

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The IMK Corne is a premium case designed to upgrade, protect and accentuate the beautiful outline of one of Japan's most celebrated custom split keyboard: the Corne "Helidox" by foostan.

Unibody Design

The plate and protective side walls are machined from a single block of aircraft grade aluminum. Giving you a case that is both light enough for travel and strong enough to prevent flex.

Open Bottom

The case features an open bottom design closed using the Corne's acrylic bottom plate. Allowing the under-glow LEDs to shine through while also giving you a window to inspect the beautiful PCB and components inside.

Flexible Tenting

The tenting holes has been carefully placed to allow the case to lay flat for travel when the tenting legs are removed.

There are four M3 sized tenting holes that you can use to adjust both the tent and tilt of each side of the keyboard to your liking.

You can use the black tenting legs that comes with the IMK Corne, or simply replace or join your choice of readily available M3 standoffs and screws for unlimited angles and style.

Proposed Colors

The initial run of this case will come in up to three colors.

Charcoal Pantone: 433 C

Space Gray Pantone: 10 U

Deep Blue Pantone: 654 C

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