Nightmare PCB and Case

Nightmare PCB and Case


The Nightmare is a collaboration project with two of my besties u/velvetjaguar and u/reggatronics.

A pseudo-TMO50 named after one of Gengar’s signature moves: Nightmare (TM50)

It is meant to be a budget option for those that like the layout but don’t want to fork out tons of money for a metal one. It is a fixed layout with through hole components.

Here is everything that you will get with this kit:

  • PCB

  • Diodes

  • Pro micro

  • 3d Printed case in a custom color of your choice

  • Necessary mounting hardware

You’ll still need switches and stabilizers:

Orders will be fulfilled in the order they are received. May take up to a month if there are too many.

If that happens, I will communicate a timeline to anybody more than a week out.

If you want to get everything made yourself, here’s the files on github:

1.75 enter and left shift

These are the potential bottom row layouts

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